We are committed to holding the Metropolitan Police to account for the aggressive manner in which they chose to disperse thousands of peaceful protesters towards the end of the protest.

  1. Were injured by the police’s actions
  2. You witnessed the Police’s actions towards others
  3. You have photo or video evidence of police aggression towards other peaceful protesters.

Please complete this form the best you can. Our team of lawyers will be reviewing and vetting all submissions to create a case against the Metropolitan Police. We need your evidence as soon as possible to hold the Police accountable for their actions.

Your details will be held securely and used only for the purposes of taking action against the police. Once you’ve submitted your form, we will only be in touch with you if further information is required.  Thank you again for stepping up and making your voice count!


September, 26, 2020

Trafalgar Square

September, 26, 2020

October, 24, 2020

London March

October, 24, 2020


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